Year: 29 Week: 18

Episode: 4384

Scene: 21737

Lalbaz looks sad. Akbar asks about the cause.

Lalbaz replies that the injection to increase the milk of livestock he bought from Purdil's shop caused his dairy sheep to die and that consuming their milk would cause disease to human beings.

Akbar blames Lalbaz for his arbitrary use of the injection.

Scene: 21738

Rahimdad says to Sarwar Khan that Nazir is recovered from the disease but Sarwar Khan doesn’t believe.

Scene: 21739

Nasim buys some vegetables seedlings. Samiullah visits and praises his efforts and patience.

Scene: 21740

Lalbaz is angry and says to his wife, Ghotai that he would teach a good lesson to Rahimdad.

Ghotai blames Lalbaz for purchasing arbitrary injection.

Episode: 4385

Scene: 21741

Nasim says to Shahperai that he has brought her tomato seedlings.

Ghotai thanks her and says that he has brought them in good time.

Scene: 21742

Jandad says to his wife, Fatima that Nazir has recovered from illness.

Fatima becomes happy and intends to inform Mahjabeen from this good news.

Scene: 21743

 Lalbaz wants compensation for his death dairy sheep from Rahimdad.

Rahimad suggests taking the compensation from Purdil.

Scene: 21744

Shaperai and Karim are planting tomato seedling. Shahperai says that Karim is used to sell goods in shop and now he cannot work in land.

Karim says that Purdil discouraged me from shopkeeping.

Episode: 4386

Scene: 21745

Fatima informs Mahjabeen that Nazir is recovered from the illness.

Mahjabeen becomes happy and wishes that her husband will return home soon.

Scene: 21746

Rahimdad says to Purdil that Lalbaz wants to petition the district office for investigation of the issue of injection.

Purdil wants Rahimdad to prevent Lalbaz from petition.

Scene: 21747

Jandad asks Nazir that where he was last night.

Nazir replies that he spent the night in one his friends’ house.

Scene: 21748

Karim grabs Purdil’s collar. Purdil asks the cause. Karim says that shop should be locked till the clearance of the issue.