Year: 29 Week: 17

Episode: 4381

Scene: 21725

Nazir is talking to Rahimdad and when Rahimdad hear Nazir voice, he is surprised that Nazir speaks like an adult.

Nazir says that my mind has returned to my head.

Scene: 21726

Lalbaz wants to go to the veterinary clinics, to share the issue of his dairy sheep disease.

His wife, Ghotai wants him to take Shams to the eye hospital first.

Scene: 21727

Shahperai asks her husband, Karim that why he doesn’t want to go to his shop.

Ghafar replies that his partner, Purdil is wrong with him.

Scene: 21728

Sarwar asks his wife, Gulalai that who untied Nazir from the tree.

Gulalai replies that she doesn’t know about it.

Episode: 4382

Scene: 21729

Lalbaz takes Shams to the clinic. Shams tells the doctor that he has run out of medicines but his eyes are still burning.

Lalbaz says that Shams also suffers from hair loss.

The doctor says that drinking the milk of an infected sheep caused Shams’s disease.

Scene: 21730

Karim is angry and goes to Purdil’s shop says to Purdil that he no longer wants to be his shop partner!
Purdil says that he would talk to him about this issue when Karim is not angry.

Scene: 21731

Lalbaz says to Ghotai that the doctor diagnosed the pain in Shams’s eyes as an allergy to the milk of a sick sheep.

Ghotai suggests taking the sheep to the vet as soon as possible.

Scene: 21732

Mahjabeen is upset. Fatima asks about the cause of her sadness. Mahjabeen replies that Nazir is missing from home.

Episode: 4382

Scene: 21733

Fatima asks Shahperai if the land dispute is still going on.
Shahperai replies no and adds that Karim gave up selling the land.

Scene: 21734

Nazir goes to Jandad tailoring shop and says that Sarwar Khan had tied him to a tree and he has escaped.

Jandad blames Sarwar Khan for such punishment.

Scene: 21735

Shahperai gives some money to Karim and wants him to bring some seedlings and seeds of vegetables.

Karim suggests giving the money to Naseem because he knows seedlings and seeds better than him.

Scene: 21736

Samullah blames Lalbaz for injecting his sheep without consulting a veterinarian. Lalbaz admits his mistake and asks Samiullah to tell him the veterinarian’s mobile number.