Flying Car

Written by: Abdul Sabour Janbaz

Lalo Mama is waiting for Nadima and Fayaz but they arrive in the castle and says to Lalo Mama that the road was blocked and they arrived late. Nadima wishes if there was a flying car, they would arrive on time. Lalo Mama says that there is a flying car.

Fayaz wants him to open a window about the flying car. Lalo Mama accepts and opens a window for their information.


In the window, Shabnam and Jamal are watching television at home. Jamal wants Shabnam to watch a small airplane on the television. Shabnam says that is not an airplane and adds that it’s a flying car. Meanwhile, the spokesperson gives the following information about the flying car.

“For over a century, car companies and scientists have been trying to make cars fly, trying several times but each time failing. Finally, in recent years, some car companies have built cars that can fly.

The most successful type of aircar in Slovakia made its first successful test flight between the two cities. 

This flying machine can fly up to an altitude of more than 2500 meters; it completed its first successful flight from Nitra Airport to the Slovak capital, Bratislava, in 35 minutes. After landing on the ground, it folded its wings in two and a half minutes and turned into a car, and went on the city streets. This flying car is the size of a normal car that only two people can seat in; it uses ordinary fuel and gas This flying car in the air can fly at a speed of more than 160 kilometers per hour.

Of course, this is not the first flying car, there have been flying cars in the past, but this is the first car that has traveled a long distance between two cities without any technical problems. 

At present, other countries and car companies are trying to compete with each other to produce the most successful and advanced flying car that all people can use at a reasonable price.

Lalo Mama closes the window. Fayaz and Nadima thank Lalo Mama for the information.

Nadima says that her teacher assigned her to find information about white poems.

Lalo Mama takes them to the library of the castle and they ask Hakim Baba about white poetry. 

Hakim Baba says, “White poetry is a type of modern Dari, Persian poem that can perhaps be compared to free verse poetry in Western literature.

In this format, the weight of prosody is not observed, but there is rhythm in it.

Dari Persian poets in Afghanistan about fifty or sixty years ago experienced this kind of poetry and began to compose it.

 Currently, the white poetry format is one of the most widely used in Dari Persian language and literature. Many people think of white poetry as an emotional text.

For this reason, any note that has some rhythm is included in the category of these poems. Literary techniques - both in the semantic field of poetry and in the field of form and language - play a significant role in white poetry.

In this kind of poetry, the poet does not follow the sentences incessantly. His lines are sometimes short and sometimes long; but not so much that they look like a text or a few lines.

White poetry has its tone and rhythm. White poetry has hidden deep meanings in it and the poet wants to convey these meanings to the reader by communicating between the lines and paragraphs.

Rafat Hosseini, Wasef Bakhtari, Razeq Rouin, Parto Naderi, Laila Sarahat Roshani, Abdul Qahar Aasi, Khaleda Forough, and a large number of poets can be named as poets of Dari Persian white poetry in Afghanistan.”

The guests thank Hakim Baba. They come back to the corridors of the castle and Lalo Mama opens the window of the listeners.


In the window, two children are reciting a poem about spring. Lalo Mama closes this window too.