Year: 29 Week: 16

Episode: 4378

Scene: 21713

Karim says to his wife, Shahperai that Mullah suggested reconciling with Sarwar Khan. Shahperai wants him not to reject Mullah’s suggestion.

Scene: 21714

Ghotai blames Lalbaz for quarreling with Ghafar but Lalbaz says that Ghafar wanted to give meback the sold dairy sheep.

Scene: 21715

Karim goes to the village council office and informs Mullah that he wants to reconcile with Sarwar Khan. Mullah becomes happy and thanks Karim for accepting his suggestion.

Scene: 21716

Nazir puts his hand in Sarwar Khan’s pocket to pick up some money and buy something for eating. Sarwar Khan wants him to take his hand out of his pocket.

Episode: 4379

Scene: 21717

Ghafar wants to take the dairy sheep back to Lalbaz. Abida prevents and suggests resolving the issue peacefully.

Scene: 21718

Mullah says to Rahim that he has invited Sarwar Khan to reconcile with Karim.

Rahim becomes happy and thanks Mullah for his efforts in solving this issue.

Scene: 21719

Ghotai says to Lalbaz that one of their dairy sheep is dying. Lalbaz takes a knife to slaughter the sheep. Ghotai gets upset and wants Lalbaz to take the other sheep to the veterinarian for the examinations.

Scene: 21720

Sarwar Khan wants to tie Nazir to a tree. Nazir cries. Gulalai wants Sarwar Khan not to punish Nazir.

Scene: 21721

Episode: 4380

Karim and Sarwar Khan go to the office of the village council. Mullah encourages them to reconcile with each other. Karim and Sarwar Khan accept. Mullah becomes happy and thanks to them. 

Scene: 21722

Lalbaz is sad. Gul Khan asks about the cause.

Lalbaz says that one of his dairy sheep died and on the other hand, his son, Shams also suffers from eye pain.

Gul Khan suggests taking Shams to the clinic and having his other sheep examined by a veterinarian.

Scene: 21723

Shahparai tells Hamida that Karim has become aware of the importance of the land and has given up his decision to sell it. Hameeda becomes happy.

Scene: 21724

Sarwar Khan has tied Nazir to a tree. Mahjabeen brings him food.  Nazir wants her to untie his knot from the tree and adds that he has regained his wisdom.