year: 29 Week: 15

Episode: 4375

Scene: 21701

Ghafar goes to Lalbaz’s house but Lalbaz was not home. Ghafar says to Shams to tell Lalbaz to take his dairy sheep back and returns Ghafar’s money.

Scene: 21702

Karim goes to the clinic and asks Gulalai about Fahim’s health. Gulalai replies that Fahim is better and she blames Karim for his bad behavior with Shahperai.

Scene: 21703

Hameda goes to Mahjabeen’s house. Mahjabeen brings a cup of tea without sweets and says that Nazir has eaten all chocolate from her suitcase.

Hameda becomes sad and says that Nazir behaves like a child.

Scene: 21704

Ghotai looks sad. Lalbaz asks about her sadness. Ghotai replies that one of their dairy sheep could not be milked due to abscess on its breasts.

Episode: 4376

Scene: 21705

Karim asks Shahperai about the money for the treatment of Fahim.

Shahperai replies that it was the money for her piece of land. Karim asks if she has sold the land. Shahperai replies no and adds that had sold some tomatoes last year to Shazia and Shazia paid the price of it now.

Scene: 21706

Shams says to his mother, Ghotai that he wants to go to the upper village to participate in the cricket match.

Ghotai prevents him and says that dust might cause more trouble for his eyes.

Scene: 21707

Karim says to his mother, Rabiagul that he would never sell Shahperai’s piece of land.

Rabiagul wants him not to give up his decision.

Scene: 21708

Abida takes some eggs for sale. Nazir is running on the way and makes the horn of an ambulance and wants Rabiagul to give his way.

Rabiagul gets angry and stops Nazir from imitating the child.

Episode: 4377

Scene: 21709

Rahimdad goes to Purdil’s shop and wants more injections for sale. Purdil becomes happy and gives him a box of livestock milk increasing injections.

Scene: 21710

Abida goes to Sarwar Khan’s house and complains that Nazir annoyed her.

Sarwar Khan says that Nazir’s head was hit and he behaves like a child now.

Scene: 21711

Rabiagul says to Rahim that Shahperai deceived Karim not to sell her piece of land.

Rahim says that its Shahperai’s property and she has the right to sell it or not.

Scene: 21712

Ghafar wants Lalbaz to take his dairy sheep back and return his money back but Lalbaz says that the sold good cannot be returned.