Year: 29 Week: 13

Episode: 4369

Scene: 21677

Lalbaz calls Rahimdad and blames him for the injection that has injected to his livestock and says that his livestock has decreased in milk production again.

Rahimdad suggests re-injecting his livestock.

Scene: 21678

Mullah invites Karim to the village council office and wants him not to sell his spouse's land without her consent.Lalbaz promises to think about this issue.

Scene: 21679

 It’s breakfast time but Shams is not seen. Lalbaz asks Ghotai about him. Ghotai replies that Shams is suffering from eyes pain.

Scene: 21680

Nazir is playing with a toy car in the room. Sarwar Khan asks him why he is playing like a child with a toy. Nazir replies that he is also a child and does not like to behave like an adult.

Episode: 4370

Scene: 21681

 Sarwar Khan says to Gulalai that Nazir deliberately does childish things. Gulalai denies and says that Nazir’s head was harmed by a blow.

Scene: 21682

Shazia calls Shahperai and tells her that she has prepared the money for the tomatoes that Shazia had bought from her last year. Shazia becomes happy and thanks Shazia.

Scene: 21683

Lalbaz takes Shams to the clinic and he asks the doctor about the cause of Shams’s eyes burning and pain. The doctor replies that Shams’s eyes are exposed to an allergen and he would prescribe some medicines for him.

Scene: 21684

Karim says to his mother, Rabiagul that someone has informed the village council of the issue of selling Shahperai’s land.  Rabiagul blames Sarwar Khan for this issue and encourages Karim not to listen to anyone.

Episode: 4371

Scene: 21685

Gulmakai gives some money to her husband, Ghafar and wants to buy a dairy sheep. Ghafar asks about the money. Gulmakai replies that she has earned the money from his tailoring.

Scene: 21686

Omid has bought a piece of cake from the shop. Nazir wants Omid to give a piece of it to him too.

Scene: 21687

Ghafar wants to buy a dairy sheep from Adam Khan but Lalbaz prevents him and wants to buy the sheep from him(Lalbaz).

Scene: 21688

Abida asks Mullah about the issue between Karim and Shahperai.  Mullah replies that he talked to Karim and Karim took time for thinking about this issue.