Home Tuition

 Written by: Sayed Mustafa Nasrat 

Many people are facing economic problems. Some of them could not get a job and if they have a job or an occupation, they could not solve all their economic problems but some others are succeeded to solve this issue.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Hedayatullah, a resident of Kabul city.

Hedayatullah talks about his business, “When I graduated from the faculty of Sharia 3 years ago, I started a job as a teacher at one of the schools in Kabul city. As my salary was not sufficient for my home necessities, I could not solve my all economic problems.

Once one of my students suggested teaching school lessons to him and his brothers at their home and he said that they would pay me fees. So I started to teach them at home in my free time.

Now I can provide my home necessities easily.”

Repairing Electric Appliances at Home:

Most people are taking benefit of their skills. Some of them have a shop and some others work outside the shop but AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Abdul Khaliq, a resident of Kabul city who has a workshop of repairing electric equipment and

also goes to his customers’ houses.

Abdul Khaliq says, “When I learned to repair electric equipment like washing machine, fridge, fan and others, I opened my own workshop about 20 years ago.

As some people could not bring their broken electric appliances to the workshop, they want me to go to their homes for repairing the equipment at their homes.

This method has two privileges, one for me and the other for the owner of the equipment. I go to the customers' houses for repairing their electric appliances and got more wages due to closing the workshop a few hours. 

The customers don’t have to take their electric appliances to the workshop and pay the fare to the taxi. The number of our customers has increased after taking benefit of this method.”