Year: 29 Week: 12

Producers:  ​Ghafar Karimi and Khalid Ahmad Andar 

Episode: 4366

Scene: 21665

Purdil gives pieces of cloth to Jandad and wants him to sow pairs of clothes for him.

 Jandad asks him if he became rich.

 Purdil replies that he got more profit from selling injections.

Scene: 21666

Fahim is suffering from a fever. Aqila wants his uncle, Karim to take Fahim to the doctor.

Karim says that he doesn’t have money.

Scene: 21667

Lalbaz buys goods for the home. Qambargul asks him where he got money for buying goods.

Lalbaz replies that he sold the milk of his sheep and bought some goods for the home.

Scene: 21668

It’s lunchtime. Mahjabeen has prepared porridge and wants Nazir to eat lunch but Nazir says that he is a child and could not eat spicy food and he calls Mahjabeen his mother and wants her to cook an egg for him.

Episode: 4367

Scene: 21669

Shaperai complains to Gulalai that Karim doesn’t allow her to take Fahim to the doctor.

Gulalai promises that she would share the issue with her mother, Rabiagul.

Scene: 21670

Scene: 21670

Ghotai wants Lalbaz to take the milk for selling to the bazaar but Lalbaz says that he would not take less milk for selling. Ghotai suggests finding the cause of reducing livestock milk.

Scene: 21671

Gulalai goes to Karim’s house and wants Rabiagul to force Karim to take Fahim to the doctor.

Rabiagul becomes angry and warns Gulalai to not interfere in their house affairs.

Scene: 21672

Shams is suffering from an eyesore.

Ghotai wants her to rinse his eyes with lukewarm water.

Episode: 4368

Scene: 21673

Mahjabeen says to Gulalai that Nazir thinks that he is a child.

Gulalai says that the blow to his head caused him such an issue.

Scene: 21673

Rahim says to Mullah that he talked to Karim but his advice has no effect on Karim.

Mullah promises that he would talk to Karim.

Scene: 21674

Nazir is crying. Mahjabeen asks about the cause.

Nazir replies that she is not a good mother and she doesn’t love her child.

Scene: 21675

Purdil says to Karim that the benefits he got from selling the injections are unprecedented.

Karim says that he has taken the initiative.