Year: 29 Week: 11

Producers:  ​Ghafar Karimi and Khalid Ahmad Andar 

Episode: 4363

Scene: 21653

Ghotai is pouring milk from a bucket into a big pot. Lalbaz asks if she has brought milk from the neighbors. Ghotai replies no and says that Purdil’s injection increased the milk of their livestock.

 Scene: 21654

Nazir is lying down on the floor and blood comes from his forehead. Gualalai wants Sarwar Khan to take him to the clinic but Sarwar Khan does not accept.

Scene: 21655

Lalbaz says to Rahimdad that his given injection has a good result.

Rahimdad says that he never deceives people.

Scene: 21656

Sarwar Khan takes Nazir to the clinic and the doctor visits him. Sarwar Khan asks the doctor about Nazir’s health. The doctor replies that his behavior and characteristics might change.

Episode: 4364

Scene: 21657

Purdil wants Ghafar to buy some livestock milk increasing inject from him for selling in his shop.

Ghafar says that he would never sell such injections that he has not heard about them before.

Scene: 21658

Sarwar Khan looks angry and knocks Karim’s house door. Rahimdad comes and when he gets aware from the issue, he prevents him from fighting with Karim.

Scene: 21659

Shams wants to go out from home for playing but his father, Lalbaz wants him to help in injecting the livestock.

Scene: 21660

Aqila informs Rabiagul that Sarwar Khan had come to their house to fight with Karim but Rahimdad prevented him.

Rabiagul blames her that why she did not inform her from his coming on time.

Episode: 4365

Scene: 21661

Rahimdad says to Mullah that if Mullah doesn’t solve the issue between Sarwar Khan and Karim, a quarrel might take place between them.

Mullah promises that he would talk to both of them.

Scene: 21662
Gulalai wants to apply injection to Nazir. Nazir cries like a child and says to Gulalai that he would complain from her to his uncle, Sarwar Khan.

Scene: 21663

Ghotai says to Lalbaz that the milk of their livestock is more than daily needs.

Lalbaz says that he would sell extra milk in the market.

Scene: 21664

Mullah wants Sarwar Khan to solve the issue with Karim peacefully.

Sarwar Khan says that Karim is a quarrelsome and dishonest person.