Selecting Role Model among Juveniles

 Written by: Abdul Sabour Janbaz

Qais and Rahila go to the castle and they see Lalo Mama is collecting weeds from the field of the castle yard. When Lalo saw that a man is wearing a robe and a karakul hat, he says to him “welcome Lord!”

When he reaches near to them, Rahila says that he is Qais not Lord and she adds that he has worn his grandfather’s robe and karakul hat.

Lalo Mama asks about the cause of wearing such clothes. Qais replies that he has heard that every juvenile should have a role model but he doesn’t know the meaning of these words exactly.

Lalo Mama takes them inside the castle and there he turns on his mobile phone recorder.

A boy, Hakimullah says, “I am a student and I wanted to select a role model at school. One day, our history teacher was talking about Muhammad Zahir, the former king of Afghanistan. When I heard about his personality, he influenced me and I wanted to select him as my role model.”

Another boy, Nikzad says, “Doctor Munir has a good personality and many people like him and I also want to be like him.”

The guests want more information about this issue. Lalo Mama opens a window.


In the window, the reporter of the castle is talking to a psychologist, professor Azimy, about selecting a role model. He says, “Role model means chose the behaviors of those we like and look good to us. As the adolescents do not have life experience, they should try to use the experiences and behavior of others as their role models.

Choosing a role model is essential for adolescents, and teens need to be guided by someone for choosing their future path. Role modeling is a behaviorally-based procedure that aims to strengthen or weaken a particular behavior of a person. Modeling involves the use of live models for the client to see a live demonstration on how to do a particular behavior or attitude.”

Lalo Mama closes the window.

Rahila and Qais hear the noise of people from the other side of the castle and they ask Lalo Mama about it.

Lalo Mama says that the cleaners of the castle’s library are cleaning the books of the library.

When Qais hears the name of the library, he asks about the biggest library in the world. Lalo Mama opens another window for their information.


In the window, Suraya and her brother, Nadim are sitting in the room. Suraya shows a video of a library on her mobile phone to Nadim. In the video, a spokesman says, “The world's largest library is the Library of Congress of United States of America. This library was founded in the 18th century in the US capital, Washington, DC.

 The Library of Congress has approximately 162 million books, documents, photographs, newspapers, maps, and historical manuscripts.

About two million people come to this library every year and use its books and works.

In 1994, the Digital Documents and Books section of the Library of Congress was opened, and now people from all over the world can access some of the Library of Congress books and documents online.This library's annual cost is about $ 650 million.”