Askaris Lumbricades

 written by: Mohammad Nasir Sirat


Ascaris lumbricoides is the giant roundworm of humans, growing to a length of up to 35 cm. It is one of the several species of Ascaris. It is the most common parasitic worm in humans, especially in children. This organism is responsible for the disease ascariasis, a type of helminthiasis and one of the groups of neglected tropical diseases.


in the case of a particularly bad infection, symptoms may include bloody sputum, cough, fever, abdominal discomfort, weight loss, losing apatite, Insomnia and intestinal ulcer.

Doctor Painda Mohammad, a pediatrician at Indira Gandhi Child Health Care Hospital says:

When the worm gets inside the body, the patient could not eat enough food. He/ she might face malnutrition. If not cure, he/ she would not grow up normally.

Some parents say that if their children play on a dirty ground, pay no attention to their foods and cleanliness, they might face the disease of Askaris.

Doctor Painda Mohammad says: children with Askaris must be delivered to a hospital or a physician for treatment. There are no home medicines for Askaris worm. The medicine should be taken according to the prescription of the physician because increasing or decreasing the dose is very dangerous to health.

Parents should wash the hands of their children before and after the meal, cut their nails, avoid eating raw or half raw meat and so on.