Hope for Better Life

Written by: Hesamuddin Hamdard

When there are opportunities for work and income, there would be hope for a better life. Thousands of educated and uneducated youths are looking for jobs but most of them could not find jobs but it’s not suitable to sit aside.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Ihsan Ahmad, a resident of Bamiyan province. Ihsan says about his business, “I was educated from the faculty of agriculture about three years ago. I applied for a job at some offices related to my profession but they did not hire me and I faced economic problems and had to work and find some money.

I started with a wholesaler of goods and my duty was arranging goods in the storeroom and I was getting about 1500-2000 wage daily. Later I started taxi driving but I had less income. My nephew gave me his tri-wheel motorcycle(Zarang) and I had to divide the income with him. Sometime later, my nephew left the country and he left his Zarang to me. Now I only can earn about 500 Afghanis daily.”

Why is assessment important in business? 

A business assessment ensures your business has what it needs to deliver on your goals. It helps you expand and profitably grow your business. For more information, AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Ahmad Seyar, a resident of Kabul city about this issue.

Ahmad Seyar says, “I am not employed and I want to have a business. I considered the need for people to chickens and eggs so I decided to raise a poultry farm. I bought a piece of land and I surrounded it with a wall. As it is winter, I would build the farm and buy incubators at the beginning of the spring.

I have planned to prepare cheap but healthiest feeds for chickens and find good sellers for my farm products in advance.”