Household Dust

Written by: Arash Nangyal

Shamla is waiting for her brother, Ajmal in the village ground to ride her on his bicycle to the castle. Ajmal arrives late and looks angry. Shamla asks about the cause.

 Ajmal replies that someone had cast household waste on the street and a nail in the garbage punctured his bicycle and when he fixed it back, it took more time.

They reach the castle late too. Lalo Mama asks about the cause. Ajmal shares the issue with him.

 Lalo Mama takes them inside the castle and opens a window about this issue.


In the window, Mariam is sweeping her home yard and accumulating the dust on a corner of the house.

Her sister, Madina asks about the cause. Mariam replies that her friend, Basira will come to their home and she has boasted that she is very active at home.

Meanwhile, Basira arrives. Mariam warmly receives and leads her to the room. Basira walks on the garbage and cuts her foot with a piece of glass that was in the dust.

The blood comes from her wound. She goes back home to dress her wound.

Lalo Mama closes the window and says that a wise enemy is better than a stupid friend.  The guests want to tell them the story of this proverb.

Lalo Mama opens another window.


In the window, Saliha asks her brother, Arif if he knows the story of the proverb, “A wise enemy is better than a stupid friend.”

Arif replies no. Saliha says that their grandmother might know about it and they share the proverb with her.

The grandmother tells them the following story, “In ancient times, there was a famous thief and once he decided to steal the king’s treasure. One night he entered the palace and saw that the king had gone to sleep and two guards were taking care of him.

A fly was bothering the king. One of the guards warned the fly that if he sits again on any part of the king’s body, he would cut it into two pieces with his sword. Meanwhile, the fly sat on the king’s nose, and when the guard wanted to hit the fly with his sword, suddenly the thief shouted and prevented the guard and said that the king would also be cut into two pieces.

The king awakened and arrested the thief and asked about the cause.

 The thief told him the whole story. The king said that a wise enemy is better than a stupid friend and then he released the thief.”

Lalo Mama closes this widow too.