Delicacy Food

 Written by: Aqsa Sediqi

Some people get more benefit from innovation in their business. They find out what kind of things the customers want more.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Zubaida, a resident of Kabul city.

Zubaida says, “I am a teacher and when they closed the girls' schools, I faced economic problems. So I rented a shop in an area where there are more beauty parlors. The cosmetologists and their customers have to eat lunch and there was no such a restaurant to cook delicacy foods. So that I started to cook Aikhanum (a special meatball made from dough instead of beef), Ashak, Bolani, Mantoo, beans, and other dishes according to the order of our customers.

 In the beginning, another woman was working with me but later, she left the business and now my mother helps me in this restaurant.

My daily income reaches to 250-300 Afghanis and I could solve my and my father’s family economic problems.”

Electric Saw:

Some people have invested in a business that benefits both themselves and others.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Muhammad Alim, a resident of Paghman district, Kabul province.

Alim says, “This is my third year that I sell firewood. When I considered that some people and firewood sellers cut big trees but they spend more time on this issue, so I bought an electric saw for 6000 Afghanis.

 I rent the saw to those who want to cut a big tree of the trunk of a tree.

If person cuts a tree into pieces in two or three days, now I cut it with the electric saw in two hours. They pay me 500 Afghanis rent for the saw.

My total monthly income reaches 25-30 thousand Afghanis.”