Several Similar Tasks at the Same

 Time Written by: Mustafa Nasrat

In order to earn money and solve economic problems, one has to be engaged in a form of a task but some people are busy in several similar tasks at the same time.

AEPO’ writer/producer has talked to Ahmad Shakir, a resident of Kabul city. Shakir says about his business, “My brother had a bicycle repairing workshop in Pakistan about 10 years ago. When I came back to Afghanistan, I opened a bicycle repairing workshop in Kabul city and I spent about 20 thousand Afghanis on my workshop. I also sell second hand bicycles in my workshop too.

I take about 200-300 Afghanis in each bicycle and I repair a broken bicycle for 50-300 Afghanis and at the same time,

I sell spare parts of bicycle and I could solve my economic problems. My daily income reaches to about 400 Afghanis.”

Garbage Removal:

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Sadiq, a resident of Kabul city who collects garbage from houses and disposes outside the city.

Sadiq says about his activities, “I started my work about 2 years ago. At the beginning, about 20 families signed a contract with me and later when other families got aware of my job, they also wanted me to collect their houses garbage as well. Now my customers have reached more than 100 families.

Each family pays me 150-200 Afghanis monthly. I transmit the garbage by two three-wheelers motorcicles. One of them is my own property and I pay 5000 Afghanis monthly fare for the second one. About 6000 Afghanis is my monthly income and I am sure that the number of my customers would increase up to 500 families.”