Year: 29 Week: 03

Producers: Ghafar Karimi and Khalid Ahmad Andar

Episode: 4340

Scene: 21558

Samiullah says to his mother, Shukria that he paid the egg wholesaler’s loan.

Shukria becomes happy and wishes that Fatih Khan would let him continue raising chickens.

Scene: 21559

Gulalai asks her brother, Karim that why he wants to sell Shahperai’s land.

Karim gets angry and says that this issue doesn’t belong to Gulalai.

Scene: 21560

Zarmena asks her husband, Akbar that if they give him homeopathic medicines in the clinic.

Akbar replies no and adds that he purchased them from Nazir.

Scene: 21561

Fatih khan wants Shukria to tell Samiullah to sell him chickens and close his chickens’ farm.

Shukria worries that if Samiullah close the farm, he would remain jobless.

Episode: 4341

Scene: 21562

Karim asks Samandar that why he has told Sarwar Khan about selling Shahperai’s land.

Samandar replies that if he did not inform him, a quarrel might take place between two families.

Scene: 21563

Shukria says to his son, Gul Khan that Fatih Khan has decided to close Samiullah’s chicken farm.

Gul Khan promises that he would talk to him about this issue.

Scene: 21564

Jandad suffers from toothache and wants to go to the clinic but Nazir prevents him and says that there are crowd of patients. Jandad asks about the solution. Nazir brings out a nipper from his pocket and pulls out Jandad’s tooth and then he gives some homeopathic medicines to Jandad. Jandad pays him some money.

Scene: 21564

Rabia asks Shahperai that why she has informed Sarwar Khan from the issue of land.

Shahperai replies that she has only informed Gulalai to prevent quarrel between Karim and Sarwar Khan.

Episode: 4341

Scene: 21566

Majid says to Fatih Khan that he has prepared lumbers and boards for the Samiullah chickens’ farm.

Fatih Khan wants him to sell them to someone else.

Scene: 21567

Palwasha says to Fatima that she is afraid of thieves at home.

Fatima wants her to be strong.

Scene: 21568

Gul Khan wants Fatih Khan not to force Samiullah for closing the chickens’ farm.

Fatih Khan says that Samiullah is not able to take care of chickens.

Scene: 21569

Karim seems angry. His mother, Rabiagul asks about the cause of his anger.

Karim replies that someone wanted to buy Shahperai’s land but Sarwar Khan did not let him to see the land.