Sophia Robot

 Written by: Abdul Sabor Janbaz

Suraya and her brother, Amin go to the castle to visit Lalo a robot welcomes them at the gate of the castle instead of Lalo Mama.

Suraya and Amin are astonished at how a doll talks to them. The robot takes them inside the castle and there, in the corridor of the castle, they visit Lalo Mama and after greeting, Suraya asks Lalo Mama about the idle-like doll.

Lalo Mama replies that it’s a robot and the king of the castle wants to take benefit of it the castle. The guests ask about the robot.

Lalo Mama wants the robot to open a window the give some information to the guests. The robot opens a window.


Window: “The most advanced humanoid robot is called Sophia. Sophia is able to communicate with humans and answer their questions, Sophia is the first robot to be granted citizenship of a country (Saudi Arabia). Sophia is quite human, but it is not human. Sophia is the first ambassador robot to speak to the UN secretary-general and travel to 36 countries.

 Sophia is currently working for a company in Saudi Arabia. Sophia Robot has the power of thinking, reasoning, speech, and emotion.”

The robot closes the window. Suria and Amin like the information. Suria reads a poem on the wall of the corridor and asks about the kind of poem.

Lalo Mama replies that it’s a haiku.

The guests ask about haiku. Lalo Mama takes them to Hakim Baba and the guests ask Hakim Baba about haiku.

Hakim Baba says, “Haiku is a Japanese poetic form that consists of three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third.”

Suraya and Amin thank Hakim for the information and after a farewell with Lalo Mama, they go back home.