Preventing Bankrupt

 نویسنده: حسام الدین همدرد

Avoid Bankruptcy Written by: Hesamuddin HamdardAll businessmen and entrepreneurs are thinking about how to do their job better but ometimes, in some cases, they cannot carry out their economic activities properly and face problems.

AEPO’s writer, producer has talked about this issue to Muhmmad Iqbal Stanakzai, a resident of Kabul city.

Stanakzai talks about his business, “We were preparing chips, burgers, dairy product, and pickles and a team of workers were selling them on mobile stalls in different parts of Kabul city. But after the latest changes in the government, our business bankrupted and we faced economic problems. The cause of this bankrupt is the bad economic situation of the people and also some women were helping in preparing the mentioned items and now they cannot continue their jobs.

On the other hand, our most products were selling in front of universities and schools but as the universities are closed.

On the other hand, some foreign non-governmental organizations were supporting us but they left Afghanistan and due to these issues, we could not prevent bankrupting.

We had invested about 700 thousand Afghanis but now we cannot get the half of the mentioned capital back. For example, we had bought each mobile stall for 30,000 thousand Afghanis but now we cannot sell them even 20000 Afghanis.”

All businessmen are not the same. Some of them have avoided bankrupting.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked Ali Ahmad, a resident of Kandahar province.

 Ali Ahmad says, “I have a factory of roasting corn kernels in Kabul city.

First we prepared mobile stalls for   selling roasted corn kernels. Then we hired about 40 juveniles to work with us in the factory and sell roasted corn kernels on the mentioned stalls.

At the beginning, the price of each glass roasted corn kernels was 40 Afghanis but now as some people complain from economic problems, we changed the size of glasses from big to a small one and reduced the price of each glass roasted corn kernels from 20 Afs. to 10 Afs.

Before our each stall was selling about 120 glasses roasted corn kernels daily but now each stall sells around 60 glasses.”