Year: 28 Week: 47

Episode: 4315

Scene: 21461

Akbar wants to go to the provincial hospital to visit his nieces and nephews but his son, Qambargul says to him that the doctors don't allow visiting coronavirus patients.

Scene: 21462

Mahjabeen suggests Rabiagul to  wear a facemask.

Rabiagul says that she had coronavirus disease once and may not be affected for the second time.

Mahjabeen says that if she doesn’t care about the health tips of coronavirus, she might affect with coronavirus again.

Scene: 21463

Akbar seems sad and says to Samandar that Qambargul prevented him to go to the provincial hospital.

Samandar asks about the cause of his going. Akbar replies that his nieces and nephews are infected with coronavirus and he wanted to visit them.

Samandar confirms Qambargul's decision and says that coronavirus transfers from an affected person to a healthy one.

Scene: 21464

Rabiagul says to her son, Naseem that she threw away Nazir’s artificial syrup and she decided to apply the Covid-19 vaccine.

Naseem praises her decision.

Episode: 4317

Scene: 21465

Shams and Omid are grazing the flock of their sheep in the pasture on the hillside and they see some shelters of internally displaced people (IDPs).

Shams worries that if they do not pay attention to their health, they might infect with coronavirus.

Omid says that IDPs need to be informed about coronavirus disease.

Scene: 21466

Akbar says to Qambargul about his decision of applying the Covid-19 vaccine to his family members.

Aambargul becomes happy and thanks Akbar for his right decision.

Scene: 21467

Shams comes late at home. His father, Lalbaz asks about the cause. Shams replies that he had gone to the hillside and was reading the posters which are installed to inform IDPs from coronavirus.

Scene: 21468

Qambargul looks happy. His wife, Hameda asks about the cause.

Qambargul replies that Akbar allowed our family to apply the Covid-19 vaccine.

Episode: 4317

Scene: 21469

Akbar takes his family for applying the Covid-19 vaccine. Akbar wants the health worker to apply the vaccine before others.

Qambargul says that considering turn helps health team workers to apply the vaccine regularly to all.

Scene: 21470

Nazir says to the doctor that if they do not discharge him from the hospital, he would die and his son, Abdul Qadir will become an orphan.

The doctor says that Nazir has gotten his health back and doesn’t need to stay at the hospital anymore.

Scene: 21471

Gulalai wants to fill the Covid-19 vaccine card. Akbar prevents her and says that he doesn’t need a vaccination card.

Scene: 21472

Nazir goes back home and says to his wife, Mahjabeen that he would never accept the gossips of others.

Mahjaben suggests taking care of his health afterward.