Year: 28 Week: 46

Episode: 4312

Scene: 21449

Sarwar Khan goes to the clinic and wants to visit Nazir. The doctor prevents him and says that no one is allowed to visit Covid-19 patients.

Scene: 21450

Shazia wants to apply the Covid-19 vaccine and she asks Gulalai about the price of it.

Gulalai replies that the Covid-19 vaccine is applying for free.

Scene: 21451

Mahjabeen says to Nargis that Nazir is not recovered from coronavirus disease but some people are spreading false information about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Nargis wants her to not listen to the propaganda and apply the vaccine.

Scene: 21452

Nazir doesn’t want to eat food. The doctor tells him that eating notorious foods increases body resistance against coronavirus.

Episode: 4313

Scene: 21453

Mullah says to Sarwar Khan that they need to do something about the protection of internally displaced (IDPs) from the coronavirus.

Sarwar Khan says that he would talk to Gulalai about this issue.

Scene: 21454

Akbar complains to his son, Qabargul that Hamida reveals home’s secrets outside of the house and due to this issue;

Gulalai wanted him to apply the Covid-19 vaccine to all members of the family.

Qambargul confirms the importance of applying vaccines.

Scene: 21455

Naseem says to his brother, Karim that his mother, Rabiagul is reckless about coronavirus and she might affect gain with this virus.

Karim promises that he would talk to her about this issue.

Scene: 21456

Sarwar Khan says to Gulalai that he worries that the IDPs might infect with coronavirus.

Gulalai suggests that it would be better if the village council members talk to the doctor about this issue.

Episode: 4315

Scene: 21457

Mullah says to the doctor that IDPs should be informed of the risks of coronavirus.

The doctor suggests forming a youths’ team for this purpose.

Scene: 21458

Shazia says to his father, Adam Khan that applying the Covid-19 vaccine to elderlies is more significant.

Adam Khan rejects applying vaccine and says that applying Covid-19 vaccine has the risk of death.

Scene: 21459

Samiullah is hanging posters on the wall. Gulkhan asks about them.

Samiullah replies that these posters are for the internally displaced to get information about coronavirus.

Scene: 21460

The doctor says to Gulalai that most of the people deny applying the Covid-19 vaccine.

Gulalai says that she talked to the women of lower village about the importance of the vaccine.