Year: 28 Week: 44

Episode: 4306

Scene: 21425

Nazir has filled some plastic bottles with black liquid and sells them on the roadside.

Samiullah prevents and suggests him not to mislead people to buy his fake medicines for coronavirus.

Nazir doesn’t care and wants him to keep his suggestion in his pocket.

Scene: 21426

Qambargul wants his father to get ready to go to the clinic for applying the Covid-19 vaccine for him, Zarmena, and Hameeda.

Akbar becomes happy and thanks Qambargul for informing him.

Scene: 21427

Rabiagul goes to Ghafar’s shop and sees some plastic bottles on the shelf. She asks about the bottle. 

 Ghafar replies that Nazir has prepared some medicines for coronavirus and it is effective for common cold and coughing too.

Rabiagul buys a bottle of them.

Scene: 21428

Akbar wants to go to the clinic. Rahimdad visits him and asks about the cause.

Akbar says that Hamida has gone to the clinic for applying coronavirus vaccine and he also wants to apply it.

Rahimdad suggests preventing Hameeda from applying the Covid-19 vaccine.

Akbar asks about the cause.

Rahimdad replies that the Covid-19 vaccine causes infertility.

Episode: 4307

 Scene: 21429

Akbar goes to the clinic and wants Qambargul to take his wife and mother before applying Covid-19vaccine. 

 Qambargul doesn’t want to leave the clinic without applying the Covid-19 vaccine but Akbar forces him to go back home.

Scene: 21430

Rabiagul wants to take the medicines that she had bought from Ghafar’s shop. Naseem prevents and suggests considering health tips about coronavirus and applying the Covid-19 vaccine.

Scene: 21431

Qambargul asks Akbar that why he prevented Hameeda from applying the Covid-19 vaccine.

Akbar replies that this vaccine causes her infertility. 

Scene: 21432

Rahim suggests Mullah to solve the issue between Sarwar Khan and Adam Khan by talking.

Mullah promises that he would talk to both sides.

Episode: 4308

Scene: 21433

Qambargul says to his brother, Samargul that he doesn’t know how to convince Akbar to let Hameeda apply the Covid-19 vaccine.

Samargul suggests sharing the issue with Gulalai to talk to Akbar about it.

Scene: 21434

Mullah goes to Sarwar Khan’s house and wants him to forgive Adam Khan’s mistake because good deeds have many rewards.

 Scene: 21435

Nazir comes back from his job home. Mahjabin wants him to wash his hand with soap.

Nazir doesn’t care and says that his hands are clean and then he hugs his son, Abdul Qadir.

Gulalai asks Hameeda that why they left the clinic without applying the Covid-19 vaccine.

Hameeda replies that her father-in-law, Akbar prevented them from applying the Covid-19 vaccine.