Day-After Brunch (Takht-Jamee)

  Written by: Najia Nijat

Mina and her brother, Naseem go to the castle to visit Lalo Mama and they are waiting in the yard of the castle for Lalo Mama. Mina is scraping acnes from her face. Naseem prevents her but she doesn’t accept and says that the acnes are making her face ugly. Meanwhile, Lalo Mama arrives and after greeting, he asks about their argument.

Naseem shares the issue with him. Lalo Mama takes them inside the castle and there in the castle, Lalo Mama says that cutting acne causes health problems and then he turns on his mobile phone voice recorder.

Nadia,  a resident of Paghman district, Kabul province says, “I was suffering from acne on my face. I cut them all and now the scars left on my face and they are annoying more than acne.”

Lyla, a resident of Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province says, “I squeezed my  acne  on my face and they got infected and I had to have the surgical operation and now the scars are left on my face.”

Mina and Naseem thank Lalo Mama for the information about the bad consequences of squeezing acne. Mina says that next week is the party of Takh-Jamee and she is happy

Naseem becomes happy and says that he would also participate in this ceremony. Mina says that Takht-Jamee is a special party for ladies and men are not allowed to participate in it and then Naseem wants Lalo Mama to open a window about Takht-Jamee.

Lalo Mama opens the following window.


 In the window, some girls and women are gathered in Maryam’s house and they are getting ready to take part in Maryam’s sister’s Takht-Jamee. Masouda, Maryam’s cousin, who has come from another province asks about Takht-Jamee and says that they do not have such celebration in their area.

Maryam replies that when a girl marries, after seven days (this ceremony is holding on the second day after the wedding party in some parts of Afghanistan), some relatives of the groom and bride’s families gather in the groom’s house. They sing songs and at the end of the party, they present different gifts and cash to the bride. The groom’s family prepares lunch for the guests.”

Lalo Mama closes the window. Juveniles like the custom of Takht-Jamee. Lalo Mama wants them to share the information with their friends too.