The Importance of Food During Pregnancy

Written by: Wahida Sabir

Various changes in hormonal systems of women occur during pregnancy. So that they should have changes in their nutrition system.

Proper nutrition throughout the life is the main cause of human survival and therefore for women taking good food is very important during pregnancy and feeding kids.

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to some pregnant women and a gynecologist at Rabia Balkhi Maternity Hospital in Kabul.

A woman, who had not taken proper food during her pregnancy, says: I had birth pain about a month before the delivery of my baby. At the time of delivery, I was very weak and had asthenia and my child born by surgery.

 Doctor Nasreen, a gynecologist at Rabia Balkhi Maternity Hospital says:

As birth is approaching, pregnant women afraid of delivery. They think that healthy and strong baby might cause some problems during birth, therefore they avoid eating nutritious food which causes birth pain, anemia, weakness, boredom, and fatigue. Most of these mothers face to a surgical operation.

Pregnant should take fresh fruits, dairy products, vegetables, beans, eggs and avoid fried and spicy foods.