Year: 28 Week: 40

Episode: 4294

Scene: 21377

Nazir goes to Ghafar’s house and wants the money of his goatskin.

Ghafar denies and says that his treatment faced his wife, Gulmakai with skin disease.

 Scene: 21378

Atifa asks Shahperai about Sarwar Khan’s health condition.

Shahperai replies that he is better but has lost more blood.

Scene: 21379

Akbar wants his son, Samargul to repair the village water pipe to prevent more spreading of cholera.

Samargul promises that he would share the issue with other villagers to help him in the repairing of the water pipe.

Scene: 21380

Sarwar Khan wants Gulalai and Palwasha not to tell anything about the fight between him and Adam Khan.

Palwasha confirms that she would not tell anything to Ahmad anything about this issue.

Episode: 4295

Scene: 21381

Ghafar wants to slap Gulmakai on her face that why she had taken goatskin from Nazir. Abida comes and prevents him.

 Scene: 21382

Shazia asks about the solution of drinking stream water to not infect with cholera.

Gulalai suggests drinking pre-boiled water and wash fresh fruits and vegetables with water and salt mixture before eating.

Scene: 21383

Nazir says to his wife, Mahjabeen that he wants to complain from Ghafar at the district office.

Mahjbeen blames him for his arbitrary medication.

Scene: 21384

Shukria asks her husband, Fatih Khan if he has scolded Shikeba.

Fatih Khan denies and says that he has not told anything to her.

Episode: 4296

Scene: 21385

Shikeba calls Allahdad and wants him to leave the village for some days.

Allahdad asks the cause but Shikeba turns off her mobile phone.

Scene: 21386

Ahmad asks his brother Sarwar Khan who bet him.

Sarwar Khan replies that Adam Khan and his son, Jamal Khan bet him.

Scene: 21387

Samargul says to Samandar that the water pipe is broken and most villagers are suffering from cholera due to drinking stream water.

Samandar promises that he would call a plumber to repair it.

Scene: 21388

Allahdad seems sad. His father, Rahimdad asks about the cause. Allah pretends that he is tired.