Patience and perseverance

 Written by: Hesamuddin Hamdard

  Any business has success and failure but with patience and perseverance, one can achieve success in business.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Abdul Wakil Alipour, a resident of Parwan province.

Alipour says about his business, “Once I went to a village and I sensed a bad smell. I asked the villagers about it. They replied that they wanted to make raisins from grapes but rain spoiled the grapes and they faced a big loss. This issue gave the idea of how to save grapes and other fresh fruits from spoiling.

I tried so many times to make a machine for drying fruits but I failed.

Some of my friends prevented me and said that I would not be able to make such a machine but I continued my efforts and after six years, I succeeded to make a machine and I got a good result from my efforts. Now can make machines for preparing dairies and fruits drying.

 I started my business with 7000 Afghanis and now I have about 1 million Afghanis capital.

I spend 15000 Afghanis on each machine and I sell it for 25000 Afghanis.

I have decided to make fruit drying and dairies making machines that will work with solar energy.

Painting on Stones:

Learning skills and take benefit from them causes positive changes in the economy.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Muhammad Dawoud, a resident of Kabul city.

Dawoud says, “I have learned painting on stones and antiques when I was in a foreign country. When I came back to Afghanistan, I started my own work here in Kabul city.

I paint a picture or anything that customers order on lazuli and other precious stones and then I engrave the paintings with the engraving machine.

I do not have any expenses for painting but the price of one piece of a lazuli plate is about 3000 Afghanis and painting and engraving take about three days, and I sell each piece for 6000 Afghanis.”