Children and Studying at Home during Quarantine

 Written by: Samira Haleemzai

Coronavirus spread in almost all countries. Some of these countries closed their offices and educational centers including Afghanistan and it hurts the education system.

 Some families provided studying facilities to their children at home but some others did not. Those who had not studied during quarantine, have faced some problems.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some people about this issue.

Jamila, a resident of Paktia province says, “When schools were closed due to quarantine, I did not study my school lessons. Now the schools are opened again and I have already forgotten my school lessons and also I have lost my interest in studying school.”

Roya Niazi, a resident of Laghman province says, “I did not study my school lessons during quarantine at home. Now the schools are started again and we took the exams but I could not get good marks and I am very sad about that.”

An educational expert, Hameedullah Ahmadzai says, “When students fall behind learning system during quarantine, they cannot focus on their lessons and when they go back to schools, they cannot learn with enthusiasm as they have before but they have to study and forced study has a negative impact and some of these students might leave school.”

What do some people think about the causes of not studying at home?

Khalida, a resident of Laghman province says, “Most parents in the rural areas are illiterate and they could not help their school children.”

Nida, a resident of Maidan-Wardak province says, “We have neither computer nor internet connection in our home so that I was going to park and our relatives' homes during quarantine.”

How do some families found the solution to this issue?

Daulatkhan, a resident of Khost province says, “I am an eleventh-grade student at one of Kabul city schools. I went home during quarantine. My father talked to the elders of our village and they hired a teacher to teach the students during quarantine. The teacher was teaching us mathematics and some other subjects. When the schools started back, I got good marks in the exams.”

Hayatullah Bakhtyar says, “I am a 12th-grade student. During quarantine, I and some of my other friends decided to study our school lessons outside our homes. We chose an open area for this purpose. We were studying the easy subjects at home and we were studying mathematics together. If we were facing some problems, we had been wishing a science teacher to help us. Now I am ready to pass the exam with confidence.”