Year: 28 Week: 33

Episode: 5285

Scene: 21341

Ghafar says to his wife, Gulmakai that he senses a bad smell in the room and he thinks that a mouse might have died.

Gulmakai denies the death of a mouse and says that she also senses it but she doesn’t know about it.

Scene: 21342

Jamal Khan takes his gun and says to his father, Adam Khan that he would shoot Sarwar Khan.

Adam Khan prevents him from killing and prefers to beat him.

Scene: 21343

Nazir says to his wife, Mahjabeen that if goat’s skin was useful to Gulmakai, he would bring it to Mahjabeen too for wearing and she would deliver a baby too.

Mahjabeen prevents him from boasting. 

Scene: 21344

Akbar says to his son, Samargul that sickness caused Zarmeen’s weakness.

Samargul says that he would want Gul Khan to take her in his car to the clinic.

Episode: 42286

Scene: 21345

Samargul takes his mother to the clinic and wants Gulalai to help her.

Gulalai wants him to take her to the emergency room and she would inform the doctor.

Scene: 21346

Allahdad goes to Naseem’s shop and seems happy.

Naseem asks about his happiness. Allahdad replies that he met Shikeba after a long time.

Scene: 21347

Atifa asks Gulmakai that why she has worn goatskin.

Gulmakai says that a homeopathic doctor advised her to wear it for getting pregnant.

Scene: 21348

Shkeba cries in sleep. Her mother, Shukria asks about the cause.

Shikeba replies that she dreamt a horrible dream and she was scared in sleep.

Episode: 4287

Scene: 21349

Jamal Khan grabs Sarwar Khan by his collar. Sarwar Khan wants to release his collar but Jamal Khan warns him that he would take Adam Khan's revenge on him.

Scene: 21350

Shukria wants Nargis to find the cause of Shikeba’s distress.

Nargis promises that she would talk to her about this issue.

Scene: 21351

Lalbaz takes Sarwar Khan to his home. Gulalai asks about him.

Lalbaz replies that he was beaten by someone.

Scene: 21352

The doctor visits Zarmeena and prescribes some medicines. Samargul leaves the visiting room to bring the medicines.