Yellow Squirrel

Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Gray, yellow and old squirrels were living in a jungle with other animals and birds.

One day the yellow squirrel was shouting at the other squirrels to run away from the jungle soon. The gray squirrel asked about the cause. The yellow replied that a crow told other birds that a dangerous flood is coming and it might destroy their homes.

The old squirrel said that if the flood comes, as there are fewer trees in the jungle, they might face trouble.

The gray squirrel decided to ask the crow about the flood but the old squirrel said that the yellow doesn’t tell lie. Meanwhile, the sky was cloudy and yellow wanted others to leave the jungle.

They ran away and left everything but no rain and nor flood came and the sky cleared. The old squirrel asked the yellow that why she told the lie. The yellow replied that she heard from the crow. They went back homes but there was nothing left at their homes and rabbits had eaten all their foodstuffs.

They asked the rabbits that why they had eaten their foodstuffs. The rabbit replied that when they saw the squirrels left the jungle, more animals ate the foodstuff including them.

The squirrel got angry with the crow and wanted to complain to the king of the birds. Meanwhile, they saw the crow was sitting on a branch of a tree. The crow asked them about their anger. The yellow replied that he should go with them to the king and the king would decide about the issue.

The yellow squirrel told the whole story to the king and wanted him to force the crow to find their foodstuffs.

The crow told to the king that he was telling other birds about a flood that was occurred a few years ago but the yellow did not listen to the whole story and when she heard the name of the flood, she ran away.

Other birds confirmed what the crow said. The king forgave the crow and blame the yellow squirrel for deciding before listening to the whole story and the king wanted him to collect foodstuffs for all squirrels. The yellow accepted her mistake and other squirrels forgave her too.