Year: 28 Week: 32

Episode: 4282

Scene: 21329

Shazia wants her husband, Majed not to help her father, Adam Khan. Majed denies and says that as Adam Khan is his father-in-law, he must help him.

Scene: 21330

Zarmena says to her son, Samargul that home medicines did not affect her. Samargul suggests her drinking a glass of lemon juice.

Scene: 21331

Nazir is washing the skin of sheep in the lane and wants Omid to help him. Omid rejects helping and says that the skin has a very bad smell.

Scene: 21332

Adam Khan complains to Majed that Sarwar Khan bet him in front of his house.

Majid convinces him that he would take his revenge on Sarwar Khan. 

Episode: 4283

Scene: 21333

Omid enters his room. His sister, Zarghona senses a bad smell from Omid’s hands and she complains to her mother, Fatima.

Fatima wants Omid to wash his hands with water and soap and change clothes for clean ones.

Scene: 21334

Nargis says to her husband, Gulkhan that Allahdad wanted to visit him.

Gulkhan says that he could dare to face him.

Scene: 21335

Hameda says to her mother-in-law, Zarment that she has prepared her a glass of psyllium seeds juice but Zarmena says that she doesn’t want to drink it. Shazia encourages her to drink it.

Scene: 21336

Shikeba looks sad. Her mother, Shukria asks about the cause. Shikeba pretends that she is suffering from a headache.

Episode: 4284

Scene: 21337

Shazia calls her mother, Dilbaro to prevent her brother, Jamal Khan and father, Adam Khan from quarreling with Sarwar Khan.

Dilbaro says that it is hard for her to prevent them.

Scene: 21338

Nazir says to Gulmakai that he has brought her a skin of a sheep for wearing and after a few days, she would expect a baby. 

Gulmakai says that why he did not bring fresh skin. Nazir replies that fresh skin does not affect.

Scene: 21339

Jamal Khan is angry and takes a gun from home. Dilbaro asks about it. Jamal Khan replies that he wants to take revenge on Sarwar Khan. Dilbaro prevents but Jamal Khan doesn’t accept.

Scene: 21340

It is midnight and Hameda wants her father-in-law, Akbar to take Zamena to the doctor.

Akbar says that he would take her to the doctor early in the morning.