Ant Melody

 Written by: Wajiha Sayar

First Lane:

Satar, Suhaila, and some other children arrange a picnic in the alley. Meanwhile, the peddler arrives and the children welcome him. Satar has something in his skirt. The peddler asks about it. Satar replies that he has brought some plums in his skirt. Suhaila says that she doesn’t like plums and she wishes that if Satar has brought apricots.

The peddler asks about the cause. Suhaila replies that plums are sour and she could not eat sour fruits.

The peddler says that ripe plums are sweet and have many benefit for health. Suhaila asks about the health benefits of plum.

Satar replies that his grandmother says that plums are good for anemia. The peddler confirms and adds the plums reduce bad breath. Suhaila says that she has heard that plums strengthen bones. Peddler says that plums have vitamin C and B and prevent intestine worms and he adds that plums are found in different colors like yellow, red, and black and some people prepare delicious jam from plums.

Suhaila says that she likes plum jam and when she goes back home, she would want her mother to prepare plum jam. The peddler appraises her and then he goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Mina and Mahmood are laughing. Peddler comes and after greeting he asks the cause of their laughter.

Mahmood replies that Mina has learned a joke. The peddler wants her to tell the joke to him too.

Mina says, “A plane was crashing and passengers were in worry without a person. One of the passengers asked him that why he is not in worry. The passenger replied that he has bought a two-way ticket.”

The peddler and children like the joke, and then the peddler wants the children to learn more jokes for next time, and when he wants to leave the lane, Mahood prevents him and says that he has learned a melody about the ant.

Peddler wants him to tell the melody. Mahmood tells the mentioned melody twice, and other children learn it, and the peddler goes to the other lane.

Third Lane:

Humaira and Samim are repeating the previous part of the story, and when the peddler and Golden Wings fairy come, the fairy tells them the last part of the story of Emotional Monkey.