Electric Bakery

  Written by: Yama Rahi

In recent years, many Afghans returned from immigration, have brought new experiences with them.

One of those people, who has transferred such experience to our county, is Gul Rahman, a resident of Kabul city. Writer/Producer AEPO has talked to him about his work.

Gul Rahman says:

While I was a refugee in a foreign country, I had been working for an electric bakery. About two months back, I started work with electric machine here in Kabul city.

First, I found electric bakery machine online in one of our neighboring countries and I traveled there and transferred the machine to Kabul.

 The speed of these devices is high; almost all jobs are done by the machine and less manpower is involved.

New appliances include a machine that prepares dough, a smoothening machine and a machine that bake bread.

Our major problem was the lack(shortage) of electricity but we found a solution for it. We bought a generator and almost our problem is solved now.

Gul Rahman added:  the loaves of bread we produce are healthier than other bread because we use whole wheat and do not use sodium bicarbonate in the dough.