Solar Power

 Written by:  Muhammad Anwar Andar

First Lane:

A kite is stuck in a power line. Fazil wants to climb the pylon and take the kite but his sister, Saira prevents him and says that the power might shock him. Fazil says that this is a solar power cable and it’s not dangerous.

Meanwhile, the peddler arrives and they welcome him.

Saira says to the peddler that  Kazim wants to climb on the solar power pylon and gets the kite from it.

Kazim says that he wanted to climb solar power pylon and it’s not dangerous.

Peddler brings out his magic mirror from his bag.

Kazim and Saira see a  boy in a hospital whose hands are broken and a doctor dresses them. Kazim asks the peddler what happened to the boy. Peddler turns the other side of the mirror. Saira and Kazim see that the boy sees a pigeon on the cable of solar power and he climbs to the roof of his house and when he touches the cable of solar power, he suddenly cries and falls on the ground and break his hands.

The peddler takes the mirror back into his bag. Fazil and Saira know that solar power has the same hazards that hydropower has.

Peddler goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Ismael and Hena are telling jokes to each other and laugh. Meanwhile, the peddler comes, and the children welcome him. The peddler asks them about their laughter.

Hena says that Ismael has learned a new joke.

Peddler wants him to tell the joke. Ismael tells, “A father asks his son about his exam. The son replies that he could not answer his two questions. The father asks if he answered the remaining questions. The son replies that he could not find time to answer other questions.”

Peddler likes the joke and wants the children to find more jokes for next time and he goes to the other lane.

Third lane:

Tahir and his sister, Zamzama are waiting for peddler and Golden Wing fairy to come and tell a new part of the serial.

They see that the peddler is coming and the Golden Wing fairy is sitting a branch a flower. The children welcome them and want the fairy to tell them a new part of the story.

Golden Wing fairy wants them to repeat the previous part first. Zamzama and Tahir repeat it and Golden Wings fairy tells them a new part of the story, “Emotional Monkey”.