Chaning Household Old Appliances with New Ones

 Written by: Hasamuddin Hamdard

Some businessmen are facing problems for not having enough customers but some others have found a solution to this issue.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Abdul Khalil, a resident of Kabul city.

Khalil talks about his business, “I have a shop of home electronic appliances such as televisions, washing machines,  vacuum cleaner, fans, and others. All of the appliances are new and we change them with used appliances.

If anyone wants to replace his/her used appliance with a new one, first we price the old item and then we minus this amount from the price of the new one. If the customer doesn’t satisfy with our price, he could find out the price of the new and used items in the market, and then we would pay him according to the market price.

We repair the used appliances and our another branch in Kabul city sell them.

This is the 12th year of my business. Before I was bringing such home appliances from Weish, Kandahar province and later as per customers demand, I opened this shop and I am satisfied with my business.”

Woman Shopkeeper in a village:

AEPO’s writer/producer had a trip to Ghoor province and there he has talked to a woman shopkeeper, Aqila.

 Aqila talks about her business, “I have a shop of handicrafts and some women bring their products like ladies dresses and some embroidery. I get a 10 % benefit from each item. They fix the price for the item or we price the items together. A lady is among them who once brought me about 20 shawls and I sold all of them for her each one for 400 Afghanis and she became very happy.

There was another housewife who was in need. I told her to knit jackets, child dresses, and ladies shawls and now she is self-sufficient.

I don’t have my capital, all the goods belong to others and I just get a percentage. I sell cloth in my shop too. My children are studying at a private school and pay their school fees and prepare the books, notebooks, and other school necessities.”