Kidney Stons

Written by: Mohammad Nasir Sirat

The function of kidneys is to purify blood from additional materials of the human body. Sometimes, kidney and bladder produce stones and face the patients to problems.

The writer/producer AEPO has interviewed some patients and a physician at Jamhoriat hospital in Kabul city.

Abdul Hafiz a resident of Kabul city, who suffers from a kidney stone, says that he has a headache, back pain, and severe body pain.

Khan Aqa Rahimi, a urologist in Jamhoriat hospital says:

If any size of kidney stone has movement, the patient would suffer from severe pain. Urinary obstruction in bladder causes the accumulation of microbes and microbes would damage bladder and kidneys, if someone doesn’t cure it, the patient might lose his/her kidney.

Some patients think that kidney stones could be caused by eating beans, dairy products, and meat. Urologist Khan Aqa Rahimi counts the causes of kidney stone as follow:

The first cause of kidney stone is microbes. The second one is the warm environment. in a warm environment, human body loses water and concentrates urine and it causes the formation of kidney stone and the last cause of kidney stone is the formation of minerals and calcium in the urinary system.

A kidney stone that affects the function of the urinary system, needs a surgical operation and there is no home remedy for such kidney stones.

To control kidney stones, people should reduce eating beans, dairy products, meat, and eggs.