Year: 28 Week: 29

Episode: 4273

Scene: 21293

Qambargul asks Samiullah that what can the people do with the intestines and other remains of the Qurbani animals to keep the environment and lanes clean.

Samiullah replies that those things should be buried in the ground.

Scene: 21294

Shahperai wants her brother, Sarwar Khan to give the rights of inheritance to Ahmad but Sarwar Khan denies and says that he would not give him.

Scene: 21295

Qambargul says to his wife, Hamida that he wants to inform the villagers how to keep the environment and lanes clean during Eid-al-Adha days,

Hamida promises that she would also teach the same issue to the women of the village.

Scene: 21296

Allahdad goes to Naseem’s shop and wants him to find out that why Gul Khan is upset these days.

 Naseem promises that he would try to find the reason for Gul Khan’s sadness and then he would share it with Allahdad.

Episode: 4274

Scene: 21297

Adam Khan wants Majeed to collaborate with him in deceiving Sarwar Khan to get money from him.

Majeed promises to help him with this issue.

Scene: 21298

 Zarghona is happy and says to her mother, Fatima that her Eid dress is very nice.

Fatima wants her and her brother, Omid to take a shower first and then put on their new clothes.

Scene: 21299

Nargis says to Shikeba that she should engage with a boy after graduation from the university.

Shikeba says that her father, Fatih Khan would not allow choosing her fiancée.

Scene: 21300

Ahmad complains to his wife, Palwasha that no one listens to him in the district office.

Palwasha says that Sarwar Khan knows more people in the district office and he might have bribed them.

Episode: 4275

Scene: 21301

Atifa sees a paper is posted on the wall in the village and she asks about it from Aqila.

Aqila replies that it’s noticed and wants inhabitants to keep the environment clean in Eid-al-Adha days.

Scene: 21302

Lalbaz pays Purdil’s loan. Purdil asks about the cause of paying late.

Lalbaz replies that he faced loss in his cabbage and lettuces crops. 

Scene: 21303

It's Eid’s day and Rabiagul wants her granddaughter, Aqila to throw the remains of Qurbani outside of the house. Aqila denies it because its stench bothers people. Naseem says that Atifa would bury it in the ground.

Scene: 21304

Zarmena asks her daughter, Palwasha that why she doesn’t come to their home.

Palwasha replies that she is afraid that a fight might take place between Ahmad and Sarwar Khan in her absence.