Year: 28 Week: 28

 Episode: 4270

Scene: 21281

Jamal Khan hears mooing of his lost cow and he asks his mother, Dilbaro that who has taken the cow back home.

Dilbaro pretends that she just heard the cow moo outside the house and she opened the door for it.

Scene: 21282

Rahimdad says to Allahdad to leave the village for a time because his life is in danger.

Allahdad rejects  and says that he had not hurt anyone.

Scene: 21283

Lalbaz asks his wife, Ghotai that why she gave back the cow to Dilbaro.

Ghotai replies that Janbaz is already in jail, and this issue would cause Lalbaz to be imprisoned too.

Scene: 21284

Sarwar Khan wants Fatih Khan to borrow him some money for a short time but Fatih Khan says that he doesn’t  have  cash to pay him.

Episode: 4271

Scene: 21285

Fatima calls Ghotai and says that Jandad has sold the felt that she had kept with him for sale and she has kept her cash.

Ghotai says that she would come to her home soon.

Scene: 21286

Gulalai says to Shahperai that Sarwar Khan has turned to corruption instead of giving Ahmad’s right.

 Shapiri says that this issue must be stopped; otherwise, there will be enmity between two brothers forever.

Scene: 21287

Ghotai gives some money to Lalbaz and says that Jandad has sold the felt she had made.

Lalbaz becomes happy and says that he would pay Purdil’s loan.

Scene: 21288

Fatih Khan takes the car key from Gul Khan.

Gul Khan asks about the cause of his dicesion.

Fatih Khan replies that Gul Khan should use the tractor instead of the car.

Episode: 4272

Scene: 21289

Qambargul asks Ahmad about the result of his petition.

Ahmad replies that no one pays attention to it.

Scene: 21290

Lalbaz is spraying his lettuce and cabbage crops and says to Samandar that the wrong spray caused his crops to be spoiled.

Samandar wants him to consult an agricultural expert or an experienced peasant before using spray on crops.

Scene: 21291

Shukria wants her husband, Fatih Khan to give the car key back to Gul Khan. Fatih Khan denies and wants Shukria not to interfere in his work.

Scene: 21292

Sarwar Khan says to Adam Khan that he doesn’t have money to pay to that person.

Adam Khan warns him that if he doesn’t pay the money, he would do something that Sarwar Khan might not imagine it.