Seeking Permission before entering house

Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

Farhad and his sister, Najiba go to the castle to visit Lalo Mama but they do not see him in the yard.

Farhad and Najba want to enter the castle but the guard prevents them and says that no one is allowed to enter the castle without permission. Farhad gets angry with the guard.  Meanwhile, Lalo Mama comes; Opens the door of the castle and takes his guests inside.

Farhad says to Lalo Mama that the guard prevented them from entering the castle.

Lalo Mama says that before entering someone’s house, or  room, one should knock on the door and seeks permission; otherwise this issue might cause some problems.

Najiba asks about the problems. Lalo Mama opens a window for more information.


In the window, the reporter of the castle is talking to some juveniles about seeking permission before entering someone’s room.

Nabi, a resident of Khost province says, “Once I opened my father’s living room door without his permission. My father rebuked me and wanted me to knock on living room’s door before entering.”

Farhad, a resident of Muhmand Dara district,  Nangarhar province says, “One day when I entered my brother’s room without seeking his permission, he was putting his clothes and slapped me on my face that why I entered his living room without knocking on the door of his room.”

The reporter asks that why some people enter other’s rooms without permission.

A boy says, “Illiterate people enter others’ rooms without their permission.”

Abdul Qahar, a resident of Surkhrood district, Nangarhar province says, “This is a very bad habit if someone enters someone’s home or living room with knocking the door.”

Lalo Mama closes the window.

Farhad and Najiba say that before entering someone’s home or room, one must knock on the door and after seeking permission; he/she could enter the room.

Meanwhile, some people gather in the yard of the castle. Lao Mama asks a guard about the event. The guard replies that  an employee of the castle lost his consciousness and another employee took him to the doctor of the castle.

Najiba says that losing consciousness might be caused by hot weather and someone should give him some water to drink.

Lalo Mama rejects drinking or eating during unconsciousness. Najiba asks about the reason. Lalo Mama says that when someone loses consciousness, they should check him/her if he/she has not put a shawl around his/her neck. If he/she has it, remove it and carry him/her to open-air safely. Put a pillow under his/her head; Rub his/her hands and if he/she regains consciousness, then they you can give some water otherwise, he/she should be taken to the hospital.

Farhad and Najiba thank Lalo Mama for sharing important information with them.