year: 28 Week: 25

Episode: 4261

Scene: 21245

Lalbaz seems sad and says to Akbar that his cabbage and lettuce field is drying out.

Akbar wants him to spray the field.

Scene: 21246

Gul khan comes late home. Fatih Khan asks about the cause. Gul Khan replies that he had some work important wor4k to do.

Scene: 21247

Lalbaz says to Jamal Khan that the leaves of his cabbage and lettuce have turned yellow and adds that he wants to buy spray for them.

Jamal Khan says that he has insecticide at home and he would give it to him.

Scene: 21248

Gulalai asks Sarwar Khan about the petition of Ahmad.

Sarwar Khan replies that he would find an important person to invalidate Ahmad’s petition in the district office.

Episode: 4262

Scene: 21249

Adam Khan wants to go to the district office and says to Majeed that he would be the owner of a big treasure soon.

Scene: 21250

Lalbaz gives a bottle of insecticide to Ghotai for keeping. Ghotai asks about it. Lalbaz replies that Jamal Khan has given it to spray cabbage and lettuce fields.

Scene: 21251

Gul Khan says to his wife, Nargis that he wants to call a number from Fatih Khan’s mobile phone.

Nargis prevents him and says that Fatih Khan would get angry with him but Gul Khan insists to find the owner of the mobile number.

Scene: 21252

Atifa says to Shahperai that if Ahmad and Sarwar Khan are patient, the issue might not enlarge between them.

Shahperai says that Ahmad has filed a lawsuit against Sarwar Khan at the district office.

Episode: 4263

Scene: 21253

Samiullah asks his sister, Shikeba that she has come for three days to home but it’s her fourth day.

Shikeba replies that she would stay a few days more at home.

Scene: 21254

Fatih Khan says to Sarwar Khan that he has found an influential person in the district office but he wants some money.

Sarwar Khan says he would pay money if that person could invalidate Ahmad’s petition.

Scene: 21255

Allahdad goes to Naseem’s shop. Naseem says that Shikeba goes with Allahdad to the province a few minutes ago.

Allahdad wish to visit her.

Scene: 21256

Purdil wants his loan from Lalbaz. Lalbaz promises to pay it after selling his crops of lettuce and cabbage.

Purdil says that his crops are dried out and asks that how he could sell them.