Year: 28 Week: 24

Episode: 4258

Scene:  21233

Rahimdad is angry and says to his son, Allahdad that people come to his house to complain about Allahdad’s quarrel and fighting.

Allahdad warns that he would not come home afterward.

Scene: 21234

Sarwar Khan says to Purdil that Ahmad has petitioned in the district office to share his paternal inheritance.

Purdil suggests spending some money and cancels Ahmad’s petition.

Scene: 21235

Lalbaz wants to collect lettuce and cabbage but Akbar prevents him and suggests waiting for growing more.

Scene: 21236

Gulkhan says to his wife, Nargis that he thinks that Fatih Khan has bet Allahdad with the car.

Nargis denies and says that Gulkhan should not doubt Fatih Khan.

Episode: 4259

Scene: 21237

Naseem says to Allahdad that Rahimdad was looking for him and wants him to go home.

Allahdad rejects and says that Rahimdad gets angry at him.

Scene: 21238

Nazir frightens and hurries into his house.

. Mahjabeen asks about his hurries.
Nazir replies that Rabiagul is chasing him and wants to hit him with big stones.

Scene: 21239

Gulkhan if Allahdad is at home or not.

Rahimdad wants Gulkhan to let Allahdad for his carrier.

Scene: 21240

Palwasha suggests to her husband, Ahmad that it would better to rent a house until the end of the dispute with Sarwar Khan.

Ahmad says that he would never

Leave his father’s house.

Episode: 4260

Scene: 21241

Naseem says to Rahimdad that he would invite Allahdad tonight.

Rahimdad says that Allahdad should go back to his home.

Scene: 21242

Sarwar Khan wants Adam Khan to find him a way that Ahmad gives up his right.

Adam Khan assures him that he would find a solution to this issue.

Scene: 21243

Karim says to his brother Rahim that the district government fined him for Nazir’s case.

Rahim says that If he had not conspired against Nazir, the government would not have been fined him.

Scene: 21244

Shukria says to her husband, Fatih Khan that Gulkhan has not come back home yet.

Fatih Khan says that Gulkhan has lost himself in these days.