Melody about Warmth

Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar 

Kamila comes angrily and asks her brother, Sabor, that why he has taken and broken her toy airplane without her permission. Sabor replies that she could do nothing to him. Meanwhile, the peddler arrives and invites them to calmness and asks about the cause of their argument.

Kamila shares the issue with him. Peddler brings out the magic mirror from his bag. Kamila and Sabor see two children are quarreling. A boy says to his sister that why she has broken his toy car.

The girl replies that why he had taken her doll last day without her permission and had broken it. The boy remembers and says sorry to his sister.

Peddler takes the mirror back into his bag.

Peddler suggests to the children that if they want to take one other’s doll or other things, he/she must want permission from the owner of the item, otherwise, a quarrel might take place between them.

Sabor apologizes to his sister and promises that he would never take anything without the permission of its owner. Peddler gives each of them a plastic toy for playing and he goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Marwa and Shaheen are eating ice cream. Peddler arrives and after greeting, he laughs. The children ask about the cause of his laughter. Peddler replies that he remembers a joke about ice cream.

Children want him to tell the joke to them too.

Peddler tells the following joke, “A boy bought ice cream from an ice-cream seller. After tasting it, the boy gave it back to the ice cream man and told him that the ice cream is very cold and he wanted a hot one.”

Children like the joke. Peddler wants them to learn new jokes for next time and when he wants to go to the other lane, Marwa stops and tells him a poem about warmth. Peddler likes the poem and then he goes to the other lane.

Third Lane:

Arif and his sister, Adila is waiting for the peddler and Golden Wing fairy to come and tell them a new part of the story.

Peddler and fairy arrive and children welcome them. Adila wants the fairy to tell them a new part of the serial story, “Tricky Crow”.

The fairy says that the previous story ended and she tells them the first part of a new story, “Long Tail Monkey”. Children learn it. Peddler and fairy go to their homes.