White Butterfly

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Many butterflies were living in a green garden. White and a spotted butterflies were close friends. One day the spotted butterfly was alone in the garden and she was very sad for not seeing his friend, white butterfly in the garden.

A few minutes later, the spotted butterfly saw a yellow butterfly and asked him about white and other butterflies. The yellow butterfly replied that the white butterfly has arranged a festive and he has invited all butterflies. The spotted butterfly got sad and asked him that why he did not invite her and added that she would also cut the friendship with him.Yellow butterfly also went to the festive.

White butterfly says to the others that he has collected nectars of different flowers for them. A red butterfly asked about the spotted butterfly and asked the other to wait for her to come but the yellow said that the white butterfly has not invited him.

The white went away to bring some special foods for his guests. A few seconds later they heard the crying of the white. Yellow and red butterflies went to help the white. They saw that the white has injured his wing and was not able to fly.

The yellow butterfly wanted to tie his wing but the white did not let him and said that none of them can treat his injured wing without the spotted butterfly and he added that if the white doesn’t come, he might die of pain.

Red and yellow butterflies went to take spotted butterfly. They shared the issue of the white butterfly with her. Spotted butterfly says that when the white arranges a party, he forgets to invite her but when he faces problems, then he remembers her but the red and yellow butterflies wish to go with them and treat the white’s wing.

The spotted said that her children slept in the sun. the yellow said that he would take care of them. the spotted butterfly went with the red butterfly and when they reached near the white butterfly, the white butterfly accepted his mistake and said that he is ashamed that why he did not invite the spotted butterfly. The spotted butterfly became happy that the white accepted his mistake and then she cured the white butterfly’s wing and they started their picnic again.