Year: 28 Week 23

 Episode: 4255

Scene: 21221

Allahdad grabs Lalbaz’s collar that why he had complained to his father, Rahimdad from him. Ghafar comes and prevents them from quarreling and wants them to solve the issue peacefully.

Scene: 21222

Rabiagul is angry and asks Nazir that why he has sued from Karim at the village council.

Nazir replies that Karim has to be punished for his conspiracy.

Scene: 21223

Lalbaz says to Samandar that he would take revenge on Allahdad.

Samandar prevents him and he promises to share the issue with Rahimdad.

Scene: 21224

Palwasha says to her husband, Ahmad that Sarwar Khan has thrown their home properties out of the house.

Ahmad says that he has the right to live with Sarwar Khan in the same home.

Episode: 4256

Scene: 21225

Ghotai wants her husband, Lalbaz to take Shams to Jandad’s tailoring shop to sew him school uniform as a loan. Jandad accepts but says that he doesn’t know how he could pay back the money to Jandad.

Scene: 21226

Ahmad wants to sued Sarwar Khan at the district office. Samiullah visits and prevents him and wants to share the issue with the village council first.

Scene: 21227

Omid says to Shams if Shams’s father, Lalbaz has earned money that Jandad sews him a new school uniform.

Shams denies and says that Lalbaz has borrowed some money from Omid’s father, Jandad.

Scene: 21228

Shikeba asks Nargis if she has found the cause of Gul Khan’s suspiciousness.

Nargis replies no and adds that Gul Khan is very confused these days but doesn’t tell her anything about it.

Episode: 4257

Scene: 21229

Hameda asks Shikeba that why she is impressed and not talking.

Shikeba replies that Gul Khan asks her about the relation of her with Allahdad.

 Scene: 21230

Doctor wants Nazir to present on his job afterward. Nazir becomes happy and says to the doctor that he wants to express his happiness by national dance.

Scene: 21231

Samandar says to Rahimdad that Allahdad wanted to fight with Lalbaz but Ghafar prevented him.

Rahimdad gets angry and promises that he would not forgive his mistake anymore.

Scene: 21232

Sarwar Khan says to Gulalai that Ahmad has petitioned him in the district office.

Gulalai says that Sarwar Khan’s improper behavior forced Ahmad to do so.