Year: 28 Week: 22

Episode: 4252

Scene: 21209

Naseem visits Allahdad on the way to the bazaar. Naseem asks that where is he going.

Allahdad replies that he wants to go to the province and meets Shikeba.

Naseem prevents and warns that his meeting with Shikeba might provoke Fatih Khan’s anger against Shikeba.

Scene: 21210

Mullah asks Rahim if he discussed the Ahmad’s issue with Sarwar Khan.

Rahim replies yes, but adds that Sarwar Khan did not accept his suggestion.

Scene: 21211

Gulkhan asks Allahdad that if he knows the person who hit him by the car.

Allahdad replies that he was distracted on that day and could not remember anything.
Scene: 21212

Shahperai says to Rabiagul that due to Nazir’s complaint, the village council has forced Karim to summon to the provincial office and confesses that Nazir is innocent.

Rabiagul gets angry and wants to teach a good lesson to Nazir.

Episode: 4253

Scene: 21213

Adam Khan says to Lalbaz that he wants to grow cabbage and lettuce in his land.

 Lalbaz says that if find money, he would also buy the mentioned seeds and would plant them in his land too.

Scene: 21214

Allahdad asks his father, Rahimdad that if he has seen his flute.

Rahimdad replies that he has taken it and would not allow him to do what he wants afterward.

Scene: 21215

Lalbaz wants to purchase lettuce and cabbage seeds on finance from Purdil’s shop.

 Purdil says that he would give the seeds but Lalbaz should pay back the loan on time.

Scene: 21216

Gulalai asks her husband, Sarwar Khan that why he has thrown out Ahmad’s house properties.

Sarwar Khan replies that due to Ahmad’s complaint to the village council, he doesn’t want to live with him in one house.

Episode: 4254

Scene: 21217

Gulkhan asks Fatih Khan about the person he had paid money to him last day.

Fatih Khan gets angry and wants Gulkhan not to interfere in his personal affairs.

Scene: 21218

Ghotai prepares food and takes it to Lalbaz who is cultivating lettuce and cabbage seeds. Lalbaz becomes happy and thanks Ghotai for bringing food on time.

Scene: 21219

Shikeba comes back from province to her home. her brother, Samiullah asks about the cause of her coming. Shikeba replies that she was homesick.

Scene: 21220

Gulalai calls to Shaperai and says that Sarwar Khan has thrown Ahmad’s house properties out of the home. Shahperai promises that she would come and talk to Sarwar Khan.