Written by: Mohammad Arif Rahimi


According to the information, provided by Noor Eye hospital’s doctors in Kabul city, 250-300 patients, who suffer from cataract refer to that hospital every month. What are the symptoms of cataract and how does it affect people?

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to some of the patients in Noor Eye Hospital.

Abdul Wakil says:  I am literate but could not read and write anything and nor see anyone because my both eyes have cataracts.

Hamidullah an ophthalmologist in Noor Eye Hospital, says: if the cataracts of a patient are new and thin, at the beginning the eyesight reduces and could see the objects very slight but if the cataracts are thick, he/she could not see anything or anyone well and if he/she does not treat them, might lose his/her eyesight forever.

Cataract does not have irritation, itching, and tears. If a patient has one of these symptoms, these might be the symptoms of another illness.


Cataract has different causes but the main cause is the age(oldness) and some diseases as heart attack, diabetes, and eye inflammation. If one does not treat these diseases, he/she might suffer from cataract.

Cataract could not be cured by medicines and the only way of the treatment is a surgical operation.


Patients who pass cataract operation, they should rinse their eyes with lukewarm water; avoid dirty handkerchief to clean his/her eyes, keep away from dust and should not lift high weights till a month or 40 days. The operated eyes would work normally after 40 days.