Written by: Najia Nijat

First Lane:

Ilham and Najeeb are fighting with each other in the lane. Meanwhile, the peddler and his rabbit arrive and the peddler asks the children that why they are fighting. Ilham and Najeeb blame each other.  Peddler says that if they do not make peace with others, he would not talk to them.

Ilham asks about peace. Rabbit replies that when Ilham and Najeeb reconcile with each other, it’s called peace.

Ilham hugs Najeeb and wants Peddler to talk with them. Peddler says that when they reconciled and talked to each other, they call it peace.

Najeeb says that in peace, people do not fight and not harm each other.

Peddler becomes happy and says that he would tell them a joke as a gift.

He says, “Some ants were drinking water from a stream. Meanwhile, an elephant also came and wanted to drink water. An ant climbed on the back of the elephant and told other ants that if they want, he would beat the elephant.”

Children like the joke and the peddler goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

 Ajmal wants his sister, Farida to bring some water to brush his teeth. When Farida sees that Ajmal has taken her brush, she prevents him from using her toothbrush but Ajmal insists to use Farida’s toothbrush. Meanwhile, the peddler comes and they welcome him.

The peddler asks about their argument. Farida shares the issue with him. Peddler says that using one toothbrush by two or more persons causes to transfer of the microbes of one person to the other one. Ajmal does not accept. Peddler brings out the magic mirror from his bag.

Ajmal and Farida see that a boy in the mirror is brushing his teeth with the toothbrush of a sick boy. The microbes transfer from the toothbrush to the mouth of the healthy boy.

Peddler puts the magic mirror back into his bag. Ajmal promises that he would no longer use others’ toothbrushes afterward. Peddler gives each of the children a new toothbrush as a gift and then he goes to the last lane.

Third Lane:

Peddler enters into the lane and the children welcome him. Meanwhile, children hear the sound of tick-tock from inside the peddler’s bag and they ask about it from the peddler.

Peddler replies that it is a magic clock in his bag and then he brings it out from the bag. Peddler enchants on the clock and the clock starts talking. Clock asks the children that how long is a day and a night. Emal replies that ten hours make one day and one night but Naseema rejects and says that 16 hours make one day and one night. The magic clock does not accept and says that a day is 24 hours and it’s divided into daytime and nighttime. Daytime is 12 hours and nighttime is also 12 hours but it might vary from one place to another and the seasons of the year also affects the time duration.

Children become happy to learn that one day and one night is 24 hours.