Year: 28 Week: 21

 Episode: 4249

Scene: 21197

Shams warns his mother, Ghotai that he would not go to school with old school uniform and old shoes afterward. Ghotai promises that she would ask his father, Lalbaz to buy new school uniform for him.

Scene: 21198

Gulkhan visits Allahdad on the hillside and asks him that why his workshop is closed in these days.

Allahdad pretends that the doctor prevented from hard working.

Scene: 21199

Ahmad goes to the village council office and says to Abida that he has equal rights in the inheritance of his father’s properties with Sarwar Khan. He wants the village council to talk with Sarwar Khan about this issue.

Abida promises to share the issue with the village council members.

Scene: 21200

Ghotai wants Lalbaz to purchase a new school uniform for Shams. Lalbaz denies and says that he doesn’t have money.

Scene: 21201

Rahimdad wants his son, Allahdad to leave friendship with Gulkhan.

Allahdad says that Gulkhan is his old friend and he would never cut relationship with him.

Scene: 21202

Mullah blames Karim for persecuting Nazir.

Karim rejects and says that Nazir should prove his claim.

Scene: 21203

Gulkhan asks Naseem that where he was when Allahdad injured in the car accident.

Naseem replies that he was in his shop but got aware later from the accident.

Scene: 21204

Abida wants Rahim to talk to Sarwar Khan and solve the issue of Ahmad and Sarwar Khan.

Rahim says that he would talk to him but he is not sure that Sarwar will accept his suggestion.


Scene: 21205

Abida says to Gulalai that Nazir claims that Karim mischief sent him to jail. Gulalai confirms Nazir’s claim and she promises that if needed, she would come to the village council office as a witness.

Scene: 21206

Lalbaz wants to barrow some money from Jamal Khan. Jamal Khan says that he is also faced economic problem.

Scene: 21207

Karim goes to the village council office. Abida says to him that a witness proved that you are guilty.

Mullah wants Karim to go to the district office and withdraw his complaint otherwise the council would fine him.

Scene: 21208

Rahim suggests Sarwar Khan to solve the issue with his small brother, Ahmad peacefully.

Sarwar Khan denies and says that Ahmad is an impolite boy.