The Ghan

Ilam and Sadia are the guests of Lalo Mama. They see a picture hangs on the wall of the corridor of the castle. The picture shows a man on the back of a camel on the front side of the train. Sadia asks about the picture from Lalo Mama. Lalo Mama opens another window to them.


In the window, the prince of the castle turns on a television.  There is a big train was shown on the screen of tv. A spokesman says: you are watching a red Australian rail, “The Ghan”. On the front side of the rail is a picture, a man, riding on a camel back.

 Ghan is the abbreviation of Afghan. More than a century ago, some engineers wanted to construct a railway in Australia. They had to carry the equipment and necessary parts on the back of some camels. They hired about 150 Afghans for this purpose. They called that railway after Afghan Express but after some years, they abbreviated Afghan Express to Ghan.

When the information about the Ghan ended, Lalo Mama closes this window. 

Iham and goes out to the yard of the castle. They see the park of the castle and praise the cleanliness of it. Lalo Mama says that the prince of the castle had a picnic in the park of the castle and at the end of the picnic, they cleaned the park.

Ilham says that they also had a picnic in one of the parks but the park was so dirty that they could not enjoy the picnic. Lalo Mama says that taking attention to the cleanliness of the park is the job of everyone who goes to a picnic and then he opens a window to his guests in this regard.


In the window, the reporter of the castle is talking to some youths about the cleanliness of parks.

 Parwana, a resident of Kabul city says: In the weekend, I go to a picnic with my family to Paghman Valey, Qargha Dam and so on. There, children and adults throw the packages of potato chips and biscuits, tins of juice and the peels of fruits and potatoes in the park.

Omid is also a resident of Kabul city. He says: we go to a picnic, but at the end the picnic, we divide the works, one of us collects the garbage in a plastic bag and throw it in the dustbin and others take care of plates, carpets and other materials.

Lalo Mama closes this window too. Ilham and Sadia promise to take care of parks and would aware their friends from this issue.