year: 29 Week: 20

Episode: 4246

Scene: 21185

Ahmad wants to go to the village council to divide his father’s properties with Sarwar Khan but Samiullah prevents him and told him not to darken his relationship with Sarwar Khan.

Scene: 21186

Gulkhan goes to Jandad’s shop and shows a picture from his mobile phone to Jandad and asks him if he knows the owner of the picture.

Jandad says yes and calls the owner of the picture a very bad and controversial person.

Scene: 21187

Adam Khan says to Nazir that for taking bribes, Nazir went to jail. Nazir denies and says that Karim’s conspiracy sent him to jail.

Scene: 21188

Samiullah says to his sister, Palwasha that Ahmad wants to divide the paternal properties with Sarwar Khan.

Palwasha worries that a quarrel might take place between them.

Episode: 4247

Scene: 21189

Gulkhan asks his wife, Nargis that what Shikeba thinks about Rahimdad’s family.

Nargis replies that Shikeba is only busy with her university study.

Scene: 21190

Hamida is talking on the telephone with Gulalai and wants her to find a solution for the issue between Sarwar Khan and Ahmad.

Gulalai promises that she would talk to Sarwar Khan about this issue.

Scene: 21191

Nazir says to his wife, Mahjabeen that Karim spoiled his life and he would revenge on him.

Mahjabeen suggests sharing the issue with the village council.

Scene: 21192

Gul Khan asks his sister, Shikeba if someone harasses her on her mobile phone.

Shikeba replies no and adds that she is busy with her studies.

Scene: 21193

Shikeba calls Hameeda and says that Gulkhan had called and asked her about her study. She asks Hameeda that if Gulkhan knows about her relationship with Allahdad.

Hamida suggests asking Nargis about this issue.

Scene: 21194

Nazir goes to the village council and says to Mullah that Karim’s conspiracy caused him to go to jail. Mullah says that Karim should be responsible for his wrongdoing.

Scene: 21195

Gulalai wants her brother, Rahim to help in solving the issue between Sarwar Khan and Ahmad.

Rahim promises that he would talk to Sarwar Khan about it.

Scene: 21196

Shikeba calls Nargis and asks her if Gulkhan has told anything about the relation between Allahdad and Shikeba.

Nargis replies that Gulkhan seems very sad these days.