Year: 28 Week: 19

Episode: 4243

Scene: 21173

Sarwar Khan warns Ahmad to evacuate his house because he no longer wants to live with him.

 Ahmed says that in this case, he would divide the house with Sarwar Khan.

Scene: 21174

Nazir asks Akbar if he knows that who caused him to go to the jail.

Akbar replies that he thinks that Purdil might be involved in this issue.

Scene: 21175

Mullah asks Allahdad that why he doesn’t accept what his father, Rahimdad wants.

Allahdad replies that his father doesn’t have to worry about him.

Scene: 21176

Palwasha says to her mother, Zarmena that she is afraid that a quarrel might take place between Ahmad and Sarwar Khan.

Zarmena assures her that she would share the issue with Akbar and Akbar would try to resolve the issue through negotiation.

Episode: 4244

Scene: 21177

Akbar wants Sarwar Khan to resolve the issue with Ahmad through negotiation.

Sarwar Khan accuses Akbar for interfering in his private affairs.

Scene: 21178

Gulkhan seems sad. Nargis asks about the cause. Gulkhan replies that his father, Fatih Khan had suspicious conversation with someone.

Scene: 21179

Samargul is sad. Jandad asks about the cause of his sadness.
Samargul replies that Sarwar Khan humiliated his brother, Ahmad and kicked him out of his house.

Scene: 21180

Nazir is angry and asks Purdil that why he sent him to jail. Pudil replies that Karim conspired against him.

Episode: 4245

Scene: 21181

Nazir says to Gulalai that her brother, Karim’s conspiracy sent him to jail.

Gulalai says that she knows but she did not tell to Nazir to prevent further controversary.

Scene: 21182

Palwasha says to Fatima that Sarwar Khan thinks that I mislead Ahmad.

Fatima wants her not to think about small issues.

Scene: 21183

Allahdad asks Rahimdad that why he had complained to Mullah from him.

Rahimdad replies that why Allahdad argues with others.

Scene: 21184

Sarwar Khan says to Gulalai that Palwasha should prevent her relatives from our home.

Gulalai says that they have the right to come and visit Palwasha.