Considering the Needs of others

 Written by: Aqsa Sediqi

Some women take benefit of their skills and solve their economic problems.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Nasira Mosavi, a resident of Herat province.

Mosavi says about her business, “I am from Bamiyan province. I am married and as my husband did have a job, we faced many economic problems.  We moved from Bamiyan to Herat province. It was winter and I have a small daughter but we did anything to burn a stove for warming the room.

Someone gave the address of an NGO. I talked to the authority of that office and they hired in the knitting branch.

I knit jackets, socks, embroider Afghani collars, shawls, and children's dresses.

I work at home too and I get about 200-300 Afghanis benefit in one jacket. I can solve my economic problems.”

Building Database:

Some businessmen talk to some companies about their activities and convince them to sign contracts with them.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Samim Kashifi, a resident of Kabul city.

Kashifi says, “I am graduated from the faculty of computer science. I and one of my classmates built our first database for about 18 months. When we had confidence in our work, then we talked to some offices that we could build a database for them.

The database makes the work clear and there is no point left for fraud.

We get about 200-1500 thousand Afghanis from building each database and we have built about 100 databases for private and government offices and we can build about 5 databases monthly.”